What to bring to class

Wilton Cake Decorating Course 3

For every class, bring these items:
·    Plastic bags for easy clean-up
·    Apron, bath sized towel, damp cloth or disposable Handi-Wipes
·    Toothpicks, scissors, tape, skid-proof shelf liner, pen or pencil
·    Extra mixing bowls, spoons, small rubber spatula and practice board
·    2 empty cups or bowls grease free, waxed paper
·    Lesson Plan and contents of Course Kit – it’s always smart to look ahead at the next lesson and know how you want to decorate your cake.  This will help you know what to bring, what colors to make, etc.

Lesson 1:
·    Tips 1 or 2, 5, 3, 127, 16, 104, 86
·    1 recipe class buttercream doesn’t matter about the color (to practice)
·    1 box Fondant in the color you want your roses to be on the final cake (pink)
·    Dividing wheel
·    Decorator brush

Lesson 2:
·    One 8” square cake on a cake board or serving plate.
             Bake, cool, level, fill and iced (thin) your cake AT HOME
·    Tips 5 &12
·    ½ c buttercream frosting for bead boarder
·    fondant rose centers from lesson 1
·    leftover pink fondant from lesson 1 and one 24 oz package white fondant
·    cake dividing wheel, wooden dowel rod, rolling pin
·    dusting puff, ruler

Lesson 3:
·    1 recipe royal icing bring in containers in the following colors: 1/2 c stiff white with ½ teaspoon piping gel, 1/2 c stiff white  ½ c pink, ½ c yellow, 1/4 c blue, ¼ green, ¼ thin white, ¼ thin yellow
·    Tips 1, 2, 14, 68, 352, 103, 104
·    Stamens and tweezers
·    Cake sparkles and fine artist brush
·    Foil squares
·    egg carton for flowers

Lesson 4:
·    One 6” x 4” round cake on a 6” cake circle. One 10” x 4” round cake on a 10” cake circle then on a 14” base.
·    Bake, cool, level, fill and iced (or covered in fondant) your cake AT HOME.
·    Tips 16, 18 and 127
·    Fondant roses from lesson 2 (20 full size, 10 medium and 8 rosebuds) Plus 30 green leaves.
·    1 recipe buttercream icing in white

What will I learn?

Continue building your cake decorating skills!  You'll learn more buttercream techniques including ruffles, lace, stringwork and more.  The second lesson introduces working with fondant, including covering a square cake, bows and roses.  You'll learn to create "cupped" flowers with royal icing including Lilies, Poinsettias, Petunias, and Morning Glory.  In the final lesson you'll learn the proper techniques for tiered cake assembly and create your own stunning tiered cake!